Beach Front Bungalow

Total Automation

bespoke home automation system beach bungalow Marbella

Client's Brief : A state of the art lighting control system that dims and changes the colour of all the RGB LED lights both inside and outside the house. Ability to search and queue the music library in readiness for BBQ parties.
The client also wanted to be able to access and leave the property with complete welcome and shutdown functionality so we set up a control interface to manage all solutions via the same wireless control system.

Our Solution : This beachfront bungalow has been converted to a modern open plan living space with pitched roof terraces ideal for chilling out and overlooking the pool decking and lush private garden. The BBQ/Bar area and covered pergola are the ideal place to make the most of outdoor living and the Buddha water feature changes colour to set different moods while listening to the audio system or simply the sound of the sea in the background.
The LED colour changing lights in the ceiling and garden allow for a complete transformation of the areas at night. The ability to not only dim but colour change each circuit gives the client complete control to set the exact mood for each occasion!

There are two hidden motorised cinema screen installations, both fully automated to be activated at the touch of a button. You simply need to select the source then "start" and get comfortable.... All content is cabled for high definition so whether it is video gaming, a football match, a movie or just a favourite TV channel the surround sound system provides a new dimension to the viewing experience.

The client's entire music library is stored on the media server and managed through wifi control units, making it "a real joy to use". Intuitive icon based technology for "at a glance" navigation of cover art, metadata information, track listings and genre listings are all features that add to the enjoyment of getting the Bar and BBQ areas set up and in full swing for a party. The beach access via a security keypad entry system means you only need to take with you sun cream and a towel.

Client's comments : We have a very busy life in the UK so my wife like nothing more than coming back here to relax. Marbella is a great place to come to with the warm weather so we rely heavily on the climate control. Once we get the right temperature balance, all we then have to concern ourselves with is what music to queue on our playlist and what lighting scene we want to indulge in. The kids can jump in and out of the pool in the day and sit in front of the drop down cinema screen in the evening so everyone is kept happy and entertained.