Aloha Family Home

Security, Multiroom Audio and Video Control

home automation and audio visual system Marbella

Client's Brief : Transforming the existing multi-room audio system into a more modern - user friendly solution. The audio system needed to perform better via Wifi technology with its audio streaming functions. In addition, the client wanted all TV screens connected to multiple satellite systems with centrally stored movies on a media server with Blu ray DVD capability. Another request was easy access to the security cameras within the property and from anywhere in the world.
This was not an installation that could be operated using the standard manufacturer's remote controls so it was paramount to integrate all the components under one control system using wireless technology.
Apart from the 23 zones of audio and 15 zones of video distribution, one special area was dedicated to a cinematic experience with a large 3D LED screen and 5.1 surround sound.

Our Solution : Involved from the early stages of the project, we were teamed up with the client's builders and architect from the Sierra Blanca Property group. The tubing network has been designed for all the different cable networks to form all parts of the installation. The amount of data passing through the house was always going to be a challenge so a managed switch ensures that the audio system, HD movie streaming, internet access, online CCTV access & control system could operate seamlessly.

home automation using Control4 systemThe user interface is the same throughout for the on-screen TV, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad; all control devices are consistent in the way they operate the video sources, music library or stream content over the network.
The Security camera installation gives peace of mind to the whole family as they can check any camera from anywhere in the house or online anywhere in the world.

Client's comments : My first concern was how well my wireless multi-room audio system would work in a property of this size but in fact due to the cable network it works well both for my own music library and for streaming online content - it is great for internet radio stations.
I am an avid user of the internet as part of my business so I have a lot of traffic flowing round the house but it all works smooothly, which must be down to the separation of the networks for control, security cameras, media and internet.
Most impressive is the Control4 control system which I wasn't sure I was going to like : the whole family now uses it as it is so simple! The security cameras is also something I use a lot and like to check from wherever I am and I can even view them on my iPad if needed.
Our favorite part though is our TV room where we have a surround sound system in the ceilings and walls. The kids can watch films in 3D on full volume, which they love.