El Madroñal Villa

Multiroom Audio, Video, Lighting & Control

Client's Brief : As this client is a professional musician the emphasis was very much on good sound but with that came evenings working and socialising so an attractive lighting design was needed for the garden, terraces and lounge, the areas he would spend most time in. This however was not a refurbishment. The client also loves the latest large screen TV screens and was interested to know what we could come up with for a room he had designated as a cinema area in the lower level of the house.

Our Solution : The high end audio was to be a simple stereo solution which he could listen to in his main sitting room to both lossless and MP3 audio formats. It helped him hear final cuts in a way he thought most listeners would be hearing his samples which helped him in the studio, plus he just loves to listen to good music in general so this was an ideal solution.
Outdoor audio on the terraces was also important so a small multi zone amplifier was added for the speakers on the lower, upper and rear terraces running off an iPod dock and CD multi-changer. The speakers in these locations are weatherproof and rocklike in design, ideal for all conditions plus they carry a decent low level and mid range sound.

The room highlighted for the home cinema is on a lower ground floor level with very little natural light coming into the room , making it an ideal blank canvass to which to begin.
A 103" diagonal fixed screen with HD projector and 5.1 surround sound provide the main visible components. Behind them is a Blu-Ray DVD player and surround amplifier for high definition audio-video content. Additional sources such as a satellite system and games console added shortly afterwards.
The front three channels are located in the wall behind the acoustically transparent fixed screen and out of sight for a neater finish.

The other rooms with high definition video capability are the main bedroom and the lounge. Both screens are large OLED models, wall mounted and connected to the same type of local sources.
A lot of time was spent discussing the overall effect the client wanted for the lighting. The driveway and garden was to be completely rewired but as is often the case in Spain the tubes were either very tight or the electrics supporting the circuitry inadequate so once the final solution was determined a rewire of the main areas was required. This is where we added an LED lighting control system for the terraces, garden, pergola and main sitting area.
As this was a 'retro fit' we needed damage to be kept to a minimum so we decided upon a wireless lighting solution that works on RF technology : it has a decent range of communication between the keypads themselves and the modules that control the pre-set scenes and dimming features with the least amount of disruption needed to install. As there were quite a lot of lighting circuits on this system a touchscreen was also added to allow for instant scroll bar control of the lights; it was also used for controlling the music and video installations.

Client's comments : I love music and as I am a night owl I wanted to be able to come home in the evening, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to good quality audio. I also like to entertain my friends so I invested in improved lighting to highlight some of my favourite features in this house but the installation I was given far exceeds what I had in mind initially. It is just brilliant! I am so pleased with the whole result. The cinema is awesome and when turned up, it's like watching all my favourite films for the first time all over again!