Sierra Blanca Villa

Lights, Multiroom Audio, Security & Control

custom designed audio and video system Marbella

Client's Brief : From initial discussions it was clear the client was looking to completely redevelop and change the room distribution and aesthetics of the whole property he had bought with a view of making it his permanent residence. The brief from this tech-savvy client started with a multi-room audio system so he could enjoy music wherever he was in the house or outdoors. After some consultations the client then felt confident to consider other ideas we had on other aspects of the build, including the control of the lighting and TV video distribution. The importance of a stable cable network was agreed upon for the property to cater for all up to date features and technology possible both now and the future.

Our Solution : Once the overall solution was agreed upon with the client, we worked on the tube and cable network designs and once signed off, liaised with the architect and building company to ensure a smooth delivery of the project. The final installation designs includes multi-room audio to all rooms as well as terraces, garden, pool and spa, HD video distribution to all the main areas and bedrooms with 2 zones of surround sound and lighting control throughout with a CCTV and door entry system viewable on all screens in the home.
A combination of in-wall control panels works the pre-set lighting and audio control, while the TV network is controlled using a wireless handheld control for a combination of components including amplifiers, a media server, an Apple TV, a Blu Ray player, various satellite TV boxes, motorised projector screens and PS3 consoles.

Centrally housed control components mean that all wires can be hidden away and out of sight. With a Philips wireless control system, this set up controls all the aspects of the installation listed. A less expensive control pad was given for use in the garden, pool and spa area that is easier to view in direct sunlight and more weather hardy.

Another way to keep the cabling tidy has been the inclusion of connector plates in each room which means that not every room in the house needed to be included on the main system. If the client wants to connect local sources in some rooms like DVD players or game consoles they then connect directly to the TV in the room via the connection plate and not from the central cabinet.
Similarly, in-ceiling speakers installed in a room can be powered by a local amplifier rather than brought on to the main system so the system can expand over time as the client's needs change. These plates were designed to best match the rest of the house's d├ęcor and provide the connectivity needed for the purposes of each room.

Client's comments : It was interesting to learn from the ideas these guys had coming from the tech world myself and intriguing to see how they applied technology into the fabric of my home. I now see the results and agree the best time to allow for such a system is during the build stage. The key to it all seemed to be in the forward planning and cable infrastructure which also meant I do not see any wires which is one benefit. A very successful all round solution. I am glad I brought Fusion Systems in on the project as early as I did as they were able to have a big influence on installations that are important to me. It is also comforting to know that as technology changes in the future my house is already pre-installed so that it can be more easily upgraded.