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With Fusion Systems, you can start with just one room or automate your entire home all at once. Integrating different subsystems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, audio/video, security, telephone and data can make your home more functional and easier to use.

Our homes can now be controlled by various types of touchpanels or via the web or smartphone apps, allowing for simple interfaces to be taylored to the user's needs – in some cases using a single button. Portability is also a consideration as some touchpanels can sit on your table like a small computer monitor, while others pop out of a freestanding or in-wall docking cradle for use throughout the property.

Imagine starting a DVD movie by drawing the curtains, dimming the lights, dropping the projector screen/turning on the TV and DVD player while activating the surround sound system as the disc starts to play...all from the touch of a button!

Fusion Systems is an authorised dealer of Control 4 home automation systems. There are many different control systems on the market giving you various degrees of control and with costs ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Over our many years experience working with home automation, we find that Control 4 gives you the control of some more expensive systems at a fraction of the cost; it is also easily scalable so your system can grow over time. To find out more visit the Control 4 website or contact us to find out how a Fusion home automation system could improve your life.
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Control4 Home Automation System: Total Home Control

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