Home Cinema

Watch films, sports or play games on your own high quality home cinema.

Our bespoke systems are designed to your specific requirements and we liaise with you on all aspects of the design to create the perfect aesthetics. We can help make the most of your space whether it is a dedicated area or a multi-purpose room with concealed speakers and hidden equipment.

Flatscreen or Projector?

A home cinema can be based around a flat screen TV or a projector screen. A projector based cinema is normally the most cost effective option once screen sizes start to exceed 65" (measured diagonally). A projector and screen are easier to hide in a ceiling and can provide as large an image as the dimensions of the room will allow. The quality of home cinema projectors is constantly improving and can now give you an image of very high quality.

Projectors require near darkness to work at full effect but a flatscreen can provide a good solution if this is not possible in the given space. Flatscreens are available up to 103" if required. One-room lighting solutions can be installed to give you the complete cinema experience.

Fusion Systems Home Cinema installations cover the full planning and management as well as the design and installation from start to finish. Watch all your movies again with family and friends as you have never seen them before! Next step : dedicated home cinema or multi use cinema room?

Home Theater Made Simple