Lighting Control

Our controlled lighting systems not only look beautiful, but can save you money, change the appearance of a room, improve security and are simple to use.

LED lighting control and home automation Marbella

Lighting can play a large part in how a house looks and feels. Mood lighting is important when in the process of developing a smart home control system. Fading and dimming down lights is simple and can change an area┬┤s appearance instantly at the touch of a button.

There are many benefits to lighting control solutions such as:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of all our lighting control systems. There is no need to have lights working at their full capacity as they do in standard installations so by controlling a bulb's output to as little as 95% from its normal load, the bulb's lifespan doubles and electricity bills are greatly reduced. Alternatively, the more energy efficient option would be the latest LED technology. These low emission lights are now dimmable and in some cases do not need transformers as they run off a 240V standard electrical supply. Since LEDs are semiconductors they have an almost endless life duration, meaning low maintenance costs.

Ease of use

By linking zones, numerous lights can be faded or dimmed down instantly with one touch presets:
 - a 'Welcome home' setting can light up key areas upon entering your home
 - a sensor can pick up movement to activate a light path in certain areas of the property
 - an 'Exit' macro could turn off all lights in the house upon leaving, leaving outdoor and selected interior lights on if required, with the touch of one button

Thanks to low level illumination on time sets and triggered via a keypad or a sensor, getting up in the night needs not mean waking the whole house. Other features are lighting sensors which only trigger lights to come on upon entering an area for a predetermined time period or programmed to react to natural light levels (e.g. they only come on once the sun has set or an area gets dark).


In the event of a disturbance during the night an 'All on' button can be created to illuminate the whole house at the touch of a button to allow the home owner to check on their property and deter any unwanted visitors.
When the system is set to 'record mode' it registers the lighting movements over a period of time; then on leaving for a holiday you can set the time clock to 'holiday mode' for the recorded scene to play back. This has the advantage a random pattern of lighting usage, which will give a realistic illusion of a presence in the property.
Our designs can also incorporate colour changing functions for various subtle effects, a feature popular in gardens and pool areas.
We understand that getting the lighting "just right" can take a lot of work. We can help you in the design and decision making process by showing you demonstration lighting or we can work directly with interior designers or interior architects.

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