Puerto Banus Apartment

Integrated Security and Easy to Use Audio and Video Control

full home automation system Puerto Banus

Client's Brief : Having the home under a single control system using touchscreens to control every aspect of the apartment while having a system that is easy to use.
The client outlined the objectives early on but was then happy to let all those working on the project express themselves to bring together what you now see in these images. One main request was for the property up to be more secure so CCTV, Video Door Entry, Card Access and an Alarm system were introduced.
Since the client enjoys watching films and listening to his music library, all media content has been stored centrally so he can access it quickly and without fuss simply by scrolling through the on-screen cover art. The entry/exit settings were also features he likes.

Our Solution : This property is built within a front line beach development and next to one of the most famous boat marinas in the Mediterranea. Built built over 30 years ago, it was in serious need of modernising however.
The property underwent a complete 'back to brick' refurbishment by the building and design teams, which gave us the ideal opportunity to reinstall a tubing network throughout.

This automated apartment now comprises an in-house entertainment system over nine zones, with different audio sources independently controllable throughout the home, including over 200 internet radio stations.
The video distribution is complete with full HD picture quality for all formats, giving the client plenty of options to choose from, whether he wants to watch a movie, a sporting event or just catch up on the latest news.
The energy efficient LED lighting installation can be controlled through the in-wall hard button keypads which have pre-set scenes or through individual circuit settings on the touchscreens to set the exact mood.

The on-screen interface shows the temperature registered within the rooms so they can be pre-set at a level most comfortable to the client. These can also be turned off if an area if not in use.
The CCTV cameras can be monitored from within the property or over the internet depending on where the owner is in the world. The alarm is integrated with the door entry system and automatically switches on or off upon entering or leaving the property from any exit via a 'complete shutdown' or 'welcome home' functionality.
Access to the beach is made simple with a key button touchpad: all shutters close, all internal lights switch off, TVs and music systems shut down and the air conditioning remains constant or turns off dependent on the clients settings.

Client's comments : I am enjoying spending time here. I am next to the port and the beach but love being here. Everything is so easy to control I am amazed. I mean using an iPad, that seems unreal doesn't it!? I love the entry systems as security was a big factor for me. I think the Fendi decor is stunning I and love how Fusion Systems has managed to supply speakers that exactly match the TV size and wall colour while giving great sound quality.