View your CCTV system from inside the home or anywhere in the world

integrated home control and security systems

check your home CCTV from your iPad anywhere in the worldSecurity is increasingly important as people invest more in their homes. Increased control over the domestic environment is a comfort to any home owner and an important part to many Fusion Systems installations, with security cameras that record days of footage and that are viewable from anywhere in the home or from anywhere in the world online.

Lighting movements can be recorded, acting as a good security deterrent when played back while you are away ad they give the impression there is someone on the premises even when you are away. Other features are lighting sensors which only trigger lights to come on upon entering an area and switch off on exit. Installations can be programmed to react to natural light levels and only come on once the sun has set or an area gets dark.

The lighting system can also be tied in with most security systems so that if the alarm gets triggered the lights will flash alerting the police or security company of an intruder.

These same systems can be set up to react to the rising and setting of the sun so lights can be programmed to come on at certain times of day where needed. This is another way to give the impression that there is someone on the premises.