Video Distribution

View your favourite programmes in any room or even outdoors!

custom design audio visual systems on the Costa del Sol

A stable IP network provides integration of technologies such as multiroom audio and distribution of digital video signals of TV channels, DVD and Blu Ray movies, and MP3 file formats for high definition solution to every flat screen location. You also have the option of IPTV upgrade - also known as "video on demand"- if you have sufficient bandwidth through your internet provider.

Many other home automation features can be attached to the network such as blind/curtain control, underfloor heating or climate and lighting control. Most control systems can incorporate all of these functions within the same interface control panels.
By having most of the components centrally located the need for locally installed devices is done away with without losing any functionality, removing the need for duplicate boxes of equipment in every room.

TV Installation

Fusion Systems can install televisions, monitors, projectors and video touch panels. Our technicians will unpack and install your display in any configuration or mounting surface.

Fusion Systems sells and installs a wide selection of display types, sizes and cabling options such as LCD, Plasmas, LED Screens or Projection Systems.
We also ensure that your screen is mounted in a safe and secure fashion via Flat Mounts, Ceiling Mounts, Articulating Mounts, Rail Mounts or Motorized Mounts.

Bespoke Cinema

Imagine watching films, sport or playing games on your own high quality home cinema.
Our bespoke systems are designed to your requirements and we liaise with you on all aspects of the design to create the perfect aesthetics. We can help make the most of your space whether it a dedicated area or a multi-purpose room with concealed speakers and hidden equipment.
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