When working on new built or complete refurbishment, we usually create a system from scratch.  But what if you have just bought your Costa del Sol home with an existing smart home system in place?  We can help transition and upgrade it to a state of the art custom designed home automation system.  The process usually follows the following steps:

3 steps to transitioning your existing smart home system to Fusion Systems:


In order to adequately maintain your system, we first need to assess what is already installed. A site visit and system audit allows us to accurately evaluate the technology already in place in your home, and we will use this information to build and deliver a design. Wherever possible, our proposed design will use your existing equipment as well as any upgrade required to deliver a reliable and high performing system.


As with any of our other projects, we refine our design until you approve it, then we order all necessary equipment to our Marbella office, where programming will begin. Then your equipment is delivered and installed at your home. Finally, the home automation system (or for smaller projects your audio system, video system or home cinema) is tailored to your preferences and thoroughly tested. We then teach you how to use your new improved smart home system.

After Care

As any of our installations, our systems come with a guarantee and Fusion Systems will service your system as and when required, managing your ongoing software updates, patch management, and monitoring of security and Internet speed. We also offer several maintenance contract, which may be the most efficient and economical way to ensure your system is periodically checked and smoothly works before you come down to the Costa del Sol.

If you want to change or upgrade your home system in your Costa del Sol home contact Fusion Systems to arrange a free consultation with one of our qualified technicians.